What is the best way for a beginner to learn HTML/CSS?

Step 2:

Now, if you have followed Step 1 correctly, you should have become a semi-pro in HTML and CSS. Now, you need to learn advanced practices like “Cross Browser Hacks“, “Transition Effects”, “CSS3 Animation”, “HTML5 Canvas” etc. For this I would suggest you to use This is a very helpful resource. Practice all the tricks which you learn and start implementing them in the websites which you make.

Step 3:

Ok. So, if you have followed Step 2 correctly, you have now become a good web developer, now it’s time to become a web designer. I would suggest you to learn things such as “Typography”, “Color Theory”, “UI Design” etc. from

Step 4:

So, if you have followed all the steps correctly, you have now become a good Front-end Developer. Now, it’s time to hone your skills. I would suggest you to join, it’s a social networking site for website designers. You’ll get to learn a lot from this site by interacting with other like-minded people. Also, you should start reading blogs such as

Step 5:

Now, all you need is practice. Build your own personal website, put it up on the internet. Interact with web designers/developers or graphic designers. Try to get clients. If you are still intellectually curious, and want to learn more, I would suggest you try or  You can also learn Ruby, and then eventually learn Ruby On Rails, by using these languages you can make your own web applications. Also, learn Twitter Bootstrap, this framework is massively used to make responsive websites.

Hope this helps :)





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